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Instructions to authors

General guidelines
  1. Studia Psychologica is a journal addressed to researchers, students and practitioners interested in the recent advances in the field of modern psychology.
  2. Studia Psychologica publishes articles presenting results of theoretical and empirical analyses, survey articles, reviews of psychological publications, reports from academic conferences and sessions, articles highlighting interesting research activities in Poland and abroad.
  3. An author submitting any materials for publication in Studia Psychologica is assumed to certify that his/her work has been neither previously published nor is being currently considered for publication in any other periodical.
  4. The submissions should be sent in the electronic version via email to and in hardcopy to the address: Studia Psychologica, Instytut Psychologii UKSW, ul. Wóycickiego 1.3 blok. 14, 01-938 Warszawa            
  5. Each submission must be accompanied by a signed hardcopy of the Author’s Declaration. Author’s Declaration can be downloaded from …..  
  6. All submissions are peer-reviewed in the double-blind review process in which the referees do not know the author(s) and vice versa. The acceptance decision is rendered by the Editors of the journal based on the reviews. The author(s) are promptly notified about the decision and receive(s) copies of the reviews.
  7. The Editors reserve the right to copyedit the submitted works with respect to language, clarity, readability, etc. In case more extensive edits are required, the article will be returned to the Author(s) who will be asked to respond to referees’ comments and make corrections and/or additions.
  8. The Editors reserve the right to reject a submission without having it undergo the review process if the article does not conform to the editorial standards.
  9. It is the author’s duty to obtain all required permissions to use any copyrighted material (texts, tables, figures, etc.) in his submission.
  10. No royalties are paid to the authors of the articles published in Studia Psychologica.

According to the decision of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland, the articles published in Studia Psychologica are worth 8 publication points.

The requirements for work submitted to Studia Psychologica:
  1. Empirical and theoretical articles should present clearly and concisely the subjects of the research or analysis. Survey articles should be self-contained and should include the purpose, author’s critical position and clearly articulated conclusions.
  2. Including bibliography, references, figures and tables: articles and research reports should not exceed 22 pages, survey articles should not exceed 15 pages and reviews should not exceed 6 pages of manuscript.
  3. Reviews of domestic (Polish) and foreign publications in psychology, reports from conferences and academic sessions, research news should be presented in a clear manner getting to the essence of the information.
  4. The Editors of the journal accept the submissions prepared in the following way:
  • Text of submission should be written in Microsoft Office Word
  • Main text font: Times New Roman, 12 pt, double line spacing
  • Margins: 2.5 cm (default setting)
  • The text should be aligned to the left with the exception of the title and the headings, which should be centered.
  • The pages should be numbered (starting with the title page), the page numbers should be located in the upper right corner of the page
  • No underlining, boldface, hyphenation or letter-spacing should be used in the text
The order of section in an empirical article:
  1. Title page (contains: author(s) full name(s), affiliation, research funding source). Except for the title page no additional data about the article author(s) is to be included in the submission.
  2. Abstract and keywords (both abstract and the keywords should be written in Polish and English)
  3. The text of the article, which consists of
  • Theoretical introduction containing the presentation of the current methods for solving the problem, this section should end with the assumptions and hypothesis
  • Research method should consist of three parts – the subjects of the research, the method in which the research was conducted, the tools used in research; the method description should include the information about the conformance of the research with the ethical standards (with respect to the subjects, used tools and procedures authored by other researchers).
  • Results – the information regarding the outcome of the research should be presented according to the guidelines defined in the publication referred at the end of this document.
  • Conclusions and discussion
  • Bibliography
  • Footnotes – limited to minimum practical number, continuous numbering
  • Tables – should have captions and be numbered with Arabic numbers. Each table should be placed on a separate page (the upper right corner should include the number of the manuscript page in which the table is to be included)
  • Figures – should have captions and should be numbered with Arabic numbers. Each figure should be placed on a separate page (the upper right corner should include the number of the manuscript page in which the figure is to be included)
Presentation of the results in the article:
For the proper ways of using italics, citations, preparing tables and figures and writing the bibliography the author(s) are encouraged to refer to the publication by Justyna Harasimczuk and Jan Cieciuch:
This publication is available online at LiberLibri
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